What is the Internet of Things?

By 2020 there will be 50B devices connected to the internet which will make life more efficient, solve new business problems and better people’s lives. Our lives will be vastly different then. Already, many devices are connecting to the internet at an unprecedented pace.

Internet of Things (IoT) is the trend of taking previously unconnected objects – like cars, cranes, and cash registers – and connecting them to the internet in a way that they can send & transmit information that can then be acted on by the network. Just as it has become commonplace to connect computers, phones, and watches to the internet – it will soon be commonplace to have parking meters connected so people can more easily find open spots, cranes in a construction zone connected to a network so they can more easily avoid collision, or items in a store, including cash registers, so checkers can more easily keep track of inventory and find items no matter where they may be placed – and when they might need to be re-ordered, sooner.

In other words, when objects can sense and communicate, it changes how and where decisions are made, and who makes them.

About the IoT World Forum

The Internet of Things World Forum brings together the top thought leaders, implementers and creators across public sector, private business and education to collaborate, network, partner, and build the industry’s ecosystem together. The IoT World Forum is the one place where the entire IoT community can share the latest developments and emerging applications, all of which will be on display — here and now — onsite.

The IoT World Forum, 2014 was held in Chicago in October and attendees came away with an enhanced understanding of what they can do to advance the Internet of Things, new relationships with other, similarly-minded leaders, and strategies for maximizing its benefits—both for their organizations and the industry as a whole.

IoTWF Sponsors and membership-only IoTWF Steering Committee members have provided resources to help accelerate market adoption and provide site visitors with information to help gain a deeper business and technical understanding of the IoT. These can be found on the Resources page.

Links for Further Exploration

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