By 2020 there will be 50B devices connected to the internet which will make things more efficient, solve new business problems and better people’s lives. Already, many devices are connecting to the internet at an unprecedented pace.

Participants are asked to come up with new ideas on how technologies from the Internet of Things can improve education, healthcare, manufacturing, energy, retail, transportation, or smart cities.

  • What challenge are you trying to solve? Please include a description of what you see as a problem, what are some of the ramifications of this problem (financial? social? environmental? others?) and how this problem is unique.
  • What solution are you proposing? Please include a description of how you envision IoT technologies solving this problem and how unique is your solution.
  • How feasible is your solution and why? How likely is it that your solution can be implemented? Please consider in your answer the social, financial and/or environmental impact.

Who: We are seeking submissions from young women (individuals or teams) in school (age range 13 – 18) that are looking at the problems of today and can propose how they’d solve one problem using Internet of Things technology.

Entrants will be judged on originality, creativity, and feasibility of the solution (see FAQ for more specifics).

Download Cisco IoT Participant Guide.