How do I enter the challenge?

First, you need to register. Enter key contact details such as name(s), email, phone, and team name (so we can reach you to let you know you’ve won.) Once you’ve registered, you have until May 18th, 2015 to enter your challenge response, including, problem to be solved, your solution and how that solution utilizes Internet of Things technology.

Please see “The Challenge” for more details!

What type of technology should I consider?

The Internet of Things are a system where items in the physical world and sensors within or attached to these items are connected to the Internet via wired or wireless connections. (Lopez research: Technologies from IoT will:

  • Connect data from both inanimate and living things
  • Use sensors for data collection
  • Share information about their condition and the surrounding environment with people, software systems and other machines
  • Connect the information over a wired or wireless communication network

Once the data has been connected and transferred, you need to decide what to do with all the data. It needs to be stored, and analyzed and then you need to make the results easy to understand and used.

In many cases, the machines and computers are able to take the data from the sensors, interpret the data and take action on the data. This communication is called Machine to Machine.

Take a moment to watch a few of these keynotes: and access these research materials: from the IoT World Forum to see what is possible today so that you can envision what’s next and why.

As you consider technologies, also think through 1) What need is there for connecting this device to the internet? 2) How financially viable is it to connect that device to the network? 3) How will this device be controlled and managed once connected?

What are the prizes?

  • The team or individual with the best entry will win $20,000
  • There are 4 second-place prizes for teams or individuals of $10,000
  • There are 5 third-place prizes for teams or individuals of $5,000

How will my submission(s) be judged?

We are looking for creativity – Find a problem that is unique, under-explored, or potentially new.

We are looking for innovation – How did you think to connect *this* with *that*? Have you thought of a new way to use devices once they are connected to the network? A new way to make them perform? Or something else?

We are looking for feasibility – Does your solution make sense in terms of how much it might cost to produce (even at scale)? If your solution involves changing or impacting humans, how likely is it that they will want to interact with this solution?

How did you decide on the ages for entrants?

We wanted to engage with innovators at a point when they’re beginning to think about the problems of the world and when they have some experience thinking through how to solve these challenges.

Further, up to 80% of students go into college knowing what they want to study. We wanted to reach and potentially inspire more young women to study a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics) field in college to better arm the workforce as we enter the Internet of Things age.

I’m a parent or guardian, can I help?

We request that this challenge is completed by students. However, we encourage discussion of science and technology ideas with your kids.

Who should I contact if I have questions about the Cisco IoT World Forum Young Women’s Innovation Grand Challenge?

If you have questions about the competition, terms & conditions and eligibility requirements, please contact Cisco at the following email address:

If you are experiencing technical difficulties with your application form, please contact YouNoodle Support at the following email address: